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Pashmina ShawlsPashmina, the world's finest cashmere, is the fine down in the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat, found at elevations of 4500 metres and above in the Himalayas.

The diameter of the Pashmina fiber is about five times smaller than a human hair.

Some of the Pashmina we use is of 60 counts and the yarn is handspun.

Our products made from 100% pashmina (cashmere) have something very unique about them. Some of our products are made from finest cashmere available and have a feeling of warmth and softness. Besides being available in diffrent sizes and colours they are available in various thickness: while our singleply products are just apt for an evening in spring, our four/six ply products suffice for a chilly winter night. All our products come in interesting weaves.

Ring ShawlThe luxurious ring shawl gets its name from the fact that it can pass effortlessly through a ring. Its lightness, richness, lustre and warmth are unmatched.


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